PE and Part B

I’ve gone blog hunting again.  I just read one by Caitlin Broom and it seems I’m not the only one stressing out about prac.  haha hers is a crazy story though, check it out here.  I think my mentor is extremely busy because he’s keeping out communication very brief and reserved.  He just wants to see me on Monday and we go from there but what info I did get from him is good enough to do my part B. I mean really, in general you’d plan and prepare for prac using the frameworks you’ve been taught to use so I just based my part B on a very general way due to my circumstances.

So I picked another blog in regards to prac and this one was special to me because it helped me feel better.  I have been feeling so anxious and sick leading up to our prac days and I want to express my gratitude for stumbling upon Tracey Denison’s blog. Here it is here have a read 🙂

Good luck to everybody going to PE

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