internet adventure

I wanted to experience teaching with a IWB but I just got news from my mentor that they only have computers available and they need to be booked for use.  I don’t have much to play with.  I love games.  I think games are a fun way for students to learn maths so I went on an internet adventure and found some resources for this.  I picked my favourite to provide a link of and here. is where you will find it.  I picked this one because it had a range of games, videos connecting each math concept to real life scenarios and interactive activities to engage in and apply the knowledge with.  I think I will be using this as an activity during my prac.  I have a surface so I will investigate how I can use it in my lesson plans.  I’m pretty sure the school I’m going to has projection, they didn’t say they didn’t so I can wirelessly connect my surface with the projector and maybe do a class activity with that.

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