I have just realised that I have failed my part A for assignment 2.  Pretty disappointing when its easy marks really.  Was I suppose to blog over the Easter break?  I have been so busy finishing other assessments I lost tract of part A 😦  I am so sad, I could almost produce some tears right now.  I thought week 9 was part of assignment 2 but looks as though its for assignment 3 ohhh I have to put another sad face on 😦  I’m so disappointed.

I’m ok now.  Needed to blog it out.  It’s helped.  Now, assignment 3 is a big one.  oh boy.  and I am soooo nervous about prac.  Had a mild panic attack today when I was doing my learning path for this week.  When time comes I always fall into Just Do It mode.  until then I’ve got 2 weeks of anxiety whenever I think about it.

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