assignment 2

goodness, this is taking me longer than I thought.  im trying to put variety in my learning activities and it’s not easy. im running out of ideas.  I’m almost done thankfully.  I’ve resorted to repeating a couple ideas.  For anyone interested in my area which is math, I have found a couple really good blogs made by math teachers and that’s where I got a couple ideas from.  View here. and here.  I have a small dilemma on the assessment task.  I cannot see a better assessment for mathematics then an exam but exams seem to be shunned these days as an assessment that does not assess all of a student’s capabilities.  I really don’t know what else to use.  I wish I did my other major which is science, that would have been a lot easier, I could have students present a report on energy and matter for example.

I need to insert 2 links of other student’s blogs and because I am running out of time I have gone to find 2 blogs, read them and add them here without too much effort.  I would have done way more with the blogging and checking out others if my time wasnt taken away with a particular subject I am struggling with (hopefully I pass it).  This one was nice to read, just to see how someone else was going about their assignment.  Her name is Alana Smith.  I chose this next one because I love questions that stimulate thinking and that creates fascinating dialogue between people.  Something I hope I can master in my classrooms.  This ladies name is Deanna Hardy.  So thank you to those two ladies for their blogs.

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