The green one

I attempted the quiz on week 8s learning path and got it wrong.  I need someone to enlighten me.  Why would the student pick the green one?  Not all students would pick the green one so its not completely wrong for us to answer with the red one.  The red one was obviously bigger by using the number of units it has and I don’t get what the quiz means by the student going by the greatest.  What does that mean?  The greatest is the red one.

I understand the whole point though without understanding what the point of this particular question was about but the main idea here is that not all evidence of learning can accommodate for all thinking processes.  Totally get that but I love exams and I like right or wrong type of questions and answers (I guess that’s why I want to teach maths) and I’m sure there are many others out the that are the same and at the end of the day I think the best form of gaining student evidence of learning is through a variety of different styles of assessment.

Mariana, you’re out

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