in the flesh

I wanted to talk about the pictures that were put up, one displaying people reading the paper and the other had everyone on their phones and both images were involved with everyone waiting for the train.  I didn’t think that was a good example because the paper gets read and then its thrown away, whereas the technology we carry with us these days are with us at all times.  This means we can be (and most of us are) distracted by these devices at almost all parts of the day and we let it restrict our social interaction.  I don’t think that is a good thing because the skill to interact with other human beings can be diminished if not put into practise.  I am not implying that I am against using technology (far from it) however I do believe that students need to be taught self regulation to regulate their time on technological devices and not fall into bad habits of depending on them all the time.  Its important to have balance with everything otherwise it can cause things like depression and anger which effects student learning etc.  Not only are their implications on interacting with people in the flesh but there will be health issues due to students becoming inactive.

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