math assessments

I’m glad I chose maths because its challenging for me in terms of using ICT and using alternative assessments.  I found this website which helped me see how I can use math assessments that can demonstrate students learning at different angles and perspectives.  I can go back and think about how to adjust my original idea for assessment which was simply a maths exam.  I think I might just include short answer questions within the exam and possibly a portfolio.  I don’t know if that will be too much to adjust my entire unit though.  Wow a lot can change within 24 hours.  I was adamant about sticking with just an exam yesterday and now I’ve been convinced to adjust it haha.  It’s what we must do for our students.  Have an open mind for something better to enter.

assignment 2

goodness, this is taking me longer than I thought.  im trying to put variety in my learning activities and it’s not easy. im running out of ideas.  I’m almost done thankfully.  I’ve resorted to repeating a couple ideas.  For anyone interested in my area which is math, I have found a couple really good blogs made by math teachers and that’s where I got a couple ideas from.  View here. and here.  I have a small dilemma on the assessment task.  I cannot see a better assessment for mathematics then an exam but exams seem to be shunned these days as an assessment that does not assess all of a student’s capabilities.  I really don’t know what else to use.  I wish I did my other major which is science, that would have been a lot easier, I could have students present a report on energy and matter for example.

I need to insert 2 links of other student’s blogs and because I am running out of time I have gone to find 2 blogs, read them and add them here without too much effort.  I would have done way more with the blogging and checking out others if my time wasnt taken away with a particular subject I am struggling with (hopefully I pass it).  This one was nice to read, just to see how someone else was going about their assignment.  Her name is Alana Smith.  I chose this next one because I love questions that stimulate thinking and that creates fascinating dialogue between people.  Something I hope I can master in my classrooms.  This ladies name is Deanna Hardy.  So thank you to those two ladies for their blogs.


I used the ‘operation of ICTs’ to evaluate my learning experience posted on the forum as an example of using ICT integration to amplify or transform learning for one of my objectives.  It helped me consider accessing, gathering, manipulating, communicating and presenting.  After going through the book in that learning path, I had more ideas as to how I could use ICTs to amplify and transform learning even more and when I initially shared my learning activity on the forum I seriously thought, there really isn’t much else I could do.  After analysing it, I added two new ideas of using ICTs and this introduced presenting as an ICT operation to my initial activity.  To have a look, go here.


I’m writing a post about my academic writing.  When I first started uni I was pretty bad but over the last two years I have improved so much.  I know I still need a lot of work but boy am I grateful for how far I’ve come and what’s exciting is how much more I can still improve.  I found a good website to guide me on my writing and I have used its guidance for my last assignment I completed for biochem.  I have my results back for the assignment and almost my entire introduction was modified, haha however the rest of my assignment was good and that’s an improvement for me so the website helped.  I want to look for more resources on academic writing when I have more time but pretty impressed with what this one has done for me.

The green one

I attempted the quiz on week 8s learning path and got it wrong.  I need someone to enlighten me.  Why would the student pick the green one?  Not all students would pick the green one so its not completely wrong for us to answer with the red one.  The red one was obviously bigger by using the number of units it has and I don’t get what the quiz means by the student going by the greatest.  What does that mean?  The greatest is the red one.

I understand the whole point though without understanding what the point of this particular question was about but the main idea here is that not all evidence of learning can accommodate for all thinking processes.  Totally get that but I love exams and I like right or wrong type of questions and answers (I guess that’s why I want to teach maths) and I’m sure there are many others out the that are the same and at the end of the day I think the best form of gaining student evidence of learning is through a variety of different styles of assessment.

Mariana, you’re out

in the flesh

I wanted to talk about the pictures that were put up, one displaying people reading the paper and the other had everyone on their phones and both images were involved with everyone waiting for the train.  I didn’t think that was a good example because the paper gets read and then its thrown away, whereas the technology we carry with us these days are with us at all times.  This means we can be (and most of us are) distracted by these devices at almost all parts of the day and we let it restrict our social interaction.  I don’t think that is a good thing because the skill to interact with other human beings can be diminished if not put into practise.  I am not implying that I am against using technology (far from it) however I do believe that students need to be taught self regulation to regulate their time on technological devices and not fall into bad habits of depending on them all the time.  Its important to have balance with everything otherwise it can cause things like depression and anger which effects student learning etc.  Not only are their implications on interacting with people in the flesh but there will be health issues due to students becoming inactive.