so plain

I just finished this week’s work material and gained some good resources from it such as the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.  I downloaded it and briefly skimmed through the document finding lots of helpful tips and information to intergrade ICT into your learning experiences at different levels.  If you brushed passed it, I urge you take it on board.  Link is here.  I also downloaded the starter sheets because I thought they were very good for someone who finds ICT very foreign.  Link is here.

My blogs are so plain, I have hardly attracted anyone to them. haha.  Well hopefully I’ve helped someone out there.

I read David’s response about technology being about pedagogy and I agree with David that they should both be important.  I would not feel confident trying to teach a topic with an ICT tool that is not very familiar to me.  I wouldn’t be teaching it very well.  I would want to know all its clever little abilities within the ICT app so I can use it to its full potential enabling students to learn to their full potential through the tool.  Also I would think the students would appreciate it more as they experience the extent of the tools capabilities and how it generates more thinking and learning.

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