Nikola tesla

I googled ICT pedagogy and found a website on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) by Professor Punya and Dr Matt Koehler.  I started reading and found it resonated with our ICT course.  When I enabled Diigo to do some notes, I found it had already been analyzed and shared with a group from the 2013 ICT course.  That’s great because my note taking is all done for me.

So the page talks about the importance of intergrading technology in the classroom and the teachers who know how to do this are expert teachers.  If you go into the website and take the link to keynote presentation you will Professor Punya and Dr Matt Koehler presenting TPACK.  It’s an hour long but for a brief idea on the concept you can go to the following times:

  • 13.30 to about 17.00 minutes talks about how pedagogy, content knowledge and technology are intergraded.
  • 22.00 to  35.00 minutes discusses the fear teachers have of loss of control with students when using technology.  With that fear, teachers lose the potential of learning through ICT and they give examples of how technology can be transforming even with the simple use of emailing.

And oh my, they mention Nikola Tesla!!  Nikola Tesla hardly ever gets recognized and he is someone who inspires me.  I might blog about him next.  or maybe not, assessments are coming left, right and from above at the moment.

To check this out go here.

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