Pedagogical knowledge

I was teaching a year 9 science class for prac and boy was I going under.  I presented some shocking lessons, nothing was working for this class except for ONE lesson.  Unfortunately just one hehe.  I know powerpoints are a poor excuse for using ICT but I love them.  I love creating ones with images and animations and videos which I did for this particular lesson on food webs.  The students loved the powerpoint and they really engage on the topic because of it.  Also, I reinforced everything using a crossword activity which was an even bigger hit.  They had so much fun that lesson they didn’t want to stop.  I’m just smiling right now reminiscing.  I mean, all I used was a creative powerpoint and a crossword activity which they could do in pairs or groups if they like.  My best lesson so far.  Never forget it.  I call it FUFU.  Making lesson FUnFUlly.  Full of Fun.

I wouldn’t do it too often because they’d get sick of it like anything or rather so to give them reason to appreciate it more.  I’d throw a FUFU in here and there to give my lessons variety and let my students always wander what’s for next lesson.  Keep their wander and attention alive.

If your interested, here’s that powerpoint I made for that specific lesson.  I earned a lot of respect from those years 9’s after this.


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