Blogging for Belonging

I was having a little play with diigo and decided to go into diigo ICT group to see how much I’ve missed (quite a lot).  I went into Ms Cassidy’s classroom blog and thought how wonderful it is to create a belongingness to her classroom using a blog of their class.  I feel there is nothing more important than creating a sense of belonging for EVERY student and I want to use this idea to help develop that.  Not only did this provide a sense of belonging to a group, within the blog there are examples of individual identities that contributes to the group which is also important to identify as this recognises the achievements of each student, building their self esteem.  Check it out.

To my conclusion, I cannot believe the influence it is having on me.  I want to use blog as an ICT teaching tool.  Did my fingers just type that?  Yes, they did Mariana.  Did I just talk to myself?  Yes.  Pretty embarrassing.

2 thoughts on “Blogging for Belonging

  1. Hi Mariana!
    The idea of a classroom blog is marvelous! I love how it contributes for student to feel a sense of belonging among their peers and their self esteem. Lots of students will have confidence in using technology so for them to let their ‘creative spirit’ out in a blog as well as it showing their individual characteristics. Do you think a classroom blog would be beneficial for students with a learning disability?


  2. Hey Charmaine 🙂 I have no experience within that context in regards to learning disability however if I imagine myself in that situation I don’t see why it wouldn’t benefit. In the same way as any other human would feel a sense of love and belonging, a student who has a learning disability or difficulty would feel the same. They all bring something special to the group and as teachers, its our job to celebrate that with them all. I’m all for an inclusive classroom that appreciates and embraces diversity and I think its something teachers should model vigilantly. I hope I interpreted your question correctly. What are your thoughts about it?
    Hey I don’t know what I did, but I somehow changed the title of this blog. I did something when I saw my email about your message to me and I clicked on approve because it was a big blue button so I assumed well this must be where I go and it took me somewhere and I think I clicked approve again. I am just doing whatever and seeing where it takes me but I think that changed my title. haha.


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