Theory Reflection

I went for the very first theory that made a huge affect on my beliefs since starting my education degree.  It comes from a man named Albert Bandura and he suggests that humans purposefully practise cognitive control over their environment and lives (Sigelman, 2013).  Bandura calls this human agency.  This hit me like a dumbbell thrown at my head by Arni.  If this be true, which it is if I think it is, then we don’t have to let outside forces shape us.  This is incredible for me because it is the type of philosophy I would emphasise to students especially for those who have it difficult and do not experience positive environments.  Is this always true though?  Nature or nurture or both because we cannot deny the great forces of both.  I know we have our limitations and there is some intelligence in knowing where they are but I refuse to let that govern how far a human can go with anything.  Students must believe they can to keep surpassing their limitations.  I have used Bandura’s theory in my own journey through university and this is the same style of thinking I use today in my ICT for this course.  I feel my limitations all the time but I also feel myself passing those limitations to meet new ones.  I want this for my students, not just for their education but for all aspects of their life.  I plan to incorporate this into my teaching.

Albert Bandurabandura

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