Fears of the Unknown


Hang in there

ok, yesterday I was pulling my hair out trying to wrap my head around all this technology.  Another course was on my mind also and I started to think I was not going to cope.  Technology scares me.  I woke up last night around 11:30pm with a panic attack and I started throwing up.  I wander if anyone else out there is going through a similar experience?? I think I might be the only person waking up at night puking.  I might have serious problems which I can’t look into right now, no time!!  I spent today continuing to familiarise myself with all the apps and tools and I can happily say that I am starting to get the hang of it and definitely see the benefits of all of this.  It’s not my kind of thing and I’m very slow at grasping it all but I know the students would love this type of pedagogy so it’s important to me and I want to learn for that reason.  It might grow on me especially when I see myself becoming more competent, for example, I self taught how to add an image to my post by exploring all the icons (is that the right terminology:)  Take each day as it comes……

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