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I just finished this week’s work material and gained some good resources from it such as the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.  I downloaded it and briefly skimmed through the document finding lots of helpful tips and information to intergrade ICT into your learning experiences at different levels.  If you brushed passed it, I urge you take it on board.  Link is here.  I also downloaded the starter sheets because I thought they were very good for someone who finds ICT very foreign.  Link is here.

My blogs are so plain, I have hardly attracted anyone to them. haha.  Well hopefully I’ve helped someone out there.

I read David’s response about technology being about pedagogy and I agree with David that they should both be important.  I would not feel confident trying to teach a topic with an ICT tool that is not very familiar to me.  I wouldn’t be teaching it very well.  I would want to know all its clever little abilities within the ICT app so I can use it to its full potential enabling students to learn to their full potential through the tool.  Also I would think the students would appreciate it more as they experience the extent of the tools capabilities and how it generates more thinking and learning.

Assignment 1 Artefact

This is my finish product of Assignment 1.  Using POWTOON, I have managed to make a presentation about year 9 students using ICT to learn about Pythagoras and Trigonometry.  This presentation is directed towards the parents of my year 9 class and hopefully capture their interest towards ICT and its benefits.


panic attack

Artefact is due this Monday and I have only done about a quarter of it.  I get so scared I wont finish.  At least I’ve started and that can be the hardest part most of the time for me.  I am using powtoon.  Powtoon is not difficult to use however It’s taking me a long time to learn how to do all the different things it can do and get things happening but then I thought it would be the same for any other tool for me because this is all new to me anyway.

I’m really enjoying this project.  My kids are coming up to me while I work and they want to get involved and help.  Shows how ICT can help students get interested and from there, well they will learn more just as a result of being interested.

I love Nikola Tesla and I want to leave a good link here about him.

initiating Artefact

I made plans to start my artefact this weekend and it never happened.  I was told the night before that we were having guests on the Saturday and I had my sister’s son’s christening on the Sunday.  I got  some hours to do work but I spent them on my subject I am really struggling with.  So artefact initiation was a failure this weekend.

I was worried about how to do the artefact until my tute with Vicki relieved a lot of those anxieties.  Also my friend I sit next to, Charmaine introduced to me powtoon which I thought was brilliant especially for younger students.  It allows you to produce an infographic website using animation.  That sounds like fun to me.  I went home and had a closer look at it and I am most likely to use it.  It’s easy to use and I like the interface.  You can get really creative with it and do your own audio to the animation.  For more info go here.

Nikola tesla

I googled ICT pedagogy and found a website on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) by Professor Punya and Dr Matt Koehler.  I started reading and found it resonated with our ICT course.  When I enabled Diigo to do some notes, I found it had already been analyzed and shared with a group from the 2013 ICT course.  That’s great because my note taking is all done for me.

So the page talks about the importance of intergrading technology in the classroom and the teachers who know how to do this are expert teachers.  If you go into the website and take the link to keynote presentation you will Professor Punya and Dr Matt Koehler presenting TPACK.  It’s an hour long but for a brief idea on the concept you can go to the following times:

  • 13.30 to about 17.00 minutes talks about how pedagogy, content knowledge and technology are intergraded.
  • 22.00 to  35.00 minutes discusses the fear teachers have of loss of control with students when using technology.  With that fear, teachers lose the potential of learning through ICT and they give examples of how technology can be transforming even with the simple use of emailing.

And oh my, they mention Nikola Tesla!!  Nikola Tesla hardly ever gets recognized and he is someone who inspires me.  I might blog about him next.  or maybe not, assessments are coming left, right and from above at the moment.

To check this out go here.

Pedagogical knowledge

I was teaching a year 9 science class for prac and boy was I going under.  I presented some shocking lessons, nothing was working for this class except for ONE lesson.  Unfortunately just one hehe.  I know powerpoints are a poor excuse for using ICT but I love them.  I love creating ones with images and animations and videos which I did for this particular lesson on food webs.  The students loved the powerpoint and they really engage on the topic because of it.  Also, I reinforced everything using a crossword activity which was an even bigger hit.  They had so much fun that lesson they didn’t want to stop.  I’m just smiling right now reminiscing.  I mean, all I used was a creative powerpoint and a crossword activity which they could do in pairs or groups if they like.  My best lesson so far.  Never forget it.  I call it FUFU.  Making lesson FUnFUlly.  Full of Fun.

I wouldn’t do it too often because they’d get sick of it like anything or rather so to give them reason to appreciate it more.  I’d throw a FUFU in here and there to give my lessons variety and let my students always wander what’s for next lesson.  Keep their wander and attention alive.

If your interested, here’s that powerpoint I made for that specific lesson.  I earned a lot of respect from those years 9’s after this.



ok so I have noted how much I love Diigo and how much students can get out of using Diigo for research and collaboration!  I like Feedly and I see the advantages of it which is mainly saving time as the population collectively find and store information for you!  Wonderful for students to use.  However, I have made a new discovery of Pinterest.  Someone had mentioned it on one of their blogs (I didn’t make note of who 😦   She mentioned how Feedly was similar to Pinterest so I checked it out.  Most people know about it but I lived under a rock when it came to ICT.

I prefer Pinterest over Feedly because of the interface.  It’s much more appealing and easier to use in my opinion.  I will use Pinterest along with Feedly now and I thought I’d leave a link here which describes Pinterest for those few out there who lived under a rock like myself.

Here is something I found in reference to ICT and education through pinterest.