PE ICT experiences

Below is a list of good and bad ICT experiences I was involved in during my prac.  I think I’ll get the bad ones out of the way first.


  • I was introducing congruency with the IWB using an app I downloaded onto my surface and my presentation was boring and slow because I was not confident even after some practise.  The students could see this if they were blind and lost focus on the lesson altogether.  I was so embarrassed and disappointed.
  • I was doing an online activity with the students and hearing some students say that they were bored was very disheartening for me because I know they’re not learning if that’s the case.
  • I was showing the students how to use powtoon so they could develop a story tell


  • I used internet as a revision task a couple times and both times were great.  I had websites up on the board for them to refer to and visit.  Some included math games which was a big hit.  Students were learning and reinforcing their learning through games.
  • I used digital cameras for students to take pictures to construct thier story tell and to record their story tell when they were to present it to the class.  They loved it.
  • I used the digital camera for students to take pictures of their bridges they built using straws.  Students would then place their pictures up on the learning place.  They loved using my cameras and it got their attention in doing the task.

I’ve found some interesting and useful resources searching online today and thought I’d share.  I’m pretty panicked about tomorrow and the more resources I find the better I feel but then the panic creeps up again but not as bad.  Maybe these resources will help others out there.  There’s a really good one from the queensland government which you can click here for it.  The other two are really good too actually hehe they’re all good.  The other two you’ll find here and here 🙂

Well, I’m glad the time has come finally because I just want to start prac, I know I should settle my anxiety once I get through the first week.  Here we all go then…..

digital bloom’s

Bloom’s digital taxonomy is the green light for me.  I’m still an amateur when it comes to ICT and digital Bloom’s describes what level of learning different ICT activities will achieve.  So I’ve used Bloom’s as my framework for planning and preparing for prac.  TPACK is good to and I will keep them in mind also but I didn’t include them in my assignment.

I’ve used Bandura as one of my theorist to guide my teaching beliefs and practises almost since I started my degree and I’ve acknowledged him in my assignment along with Vygotsky and his zone of proximity.  So part B is done and I have a day of rest before I start prac on Monday.  So nervous!

Again, good luck everybody 🙂

PE and Part B

I’ve gone blog hunting again.  I just read one by Caitlin Broom and it seems I’m not the only one stressing out about prac.  haha hers is a crazy story though, check it out here.  I think my mentor is extremely busy because he’s keeping out communication very brief and reserved.  He just wants to see me on Monday and we go from there but what info I did get from him is good enough to do my part B. I mean really, in general you’d plan and prepare for prac using the frameworks you’ve been taught to use so I just based my part B on a very general way due to my circumstances.

So I picked another blog in regards to prac and this one was special to me because it helped me feel better.  I have been feeling so anxious and sick leading up to our prac days and I want to express my gratitude for stumbling upon Tracey Denison’s blog. Here it is here have a read 🙂

Good luck to everybody going to PE

a real pen

ok so I have looked into using my surface pro 3 to create innovative ICT lessons for my students and here’s what I’ve found briefly before I give the link to much more information.  First, (I like this one the best) is the fact that you can project to a display wirelessly from anywhere in the room while presenting, annotating and opening apps to use.  Second the surface is an all in one device.  It’s a laptop, a tablet, and it works with a pen which is the closest I’ve felt to a real pen on a digital device so far.  Lastly, it runs onenote which is great for collaborating with other teachers and students.  There is much more info about the surface and apps you can use on the surface which are ideal for education.

Read more here.  

internet adventure

I wanted to experience teaching with a IWB but I just got news from my mentor that they only have computers available and they need to be booked for use.  I don’t have much to play with.  I love games.  I think games are a fun way for students to learn maths so I went on an internet adventure and found some resources for this.  I picked my favourite to provide a link of and here. is where you will find it.  I picked this one because it had a range of games, videos connecting each math concept to real life scenarios and interactive activities to engage in and apply the knowledge with.  I think I will be using this as an activity during my prac.  I have a surface so I will investigate how I can use it in my lesson plans.  I’m pretty sure the school I’m going to has projection, they didn’t say they didn’t so I can wirelessly connect my surface with the projector and maybe do a class activity with that.